About Us

Welcome to The Innovasity of Ideas

Since its inception in 2003 the company has been involved in several major TV productions, visual effects and motion graphics in Nigeria.

Who Are We

Xtreme Tactician with Objectives (XTO) is a multimedia company based in Lagos State, Nigeria with over 20 years experience in CGI Animations, Motion Graphics, TV Production, Content Development and Social Solutions.

Our Mission

We will continue to leverage on our ingenuity and available opportunities in generating ideas, providing solutions and maximizing potentials around us.

What We Do

Our 6-D Process

Our 6D-process keeps everyone involve focused and working as part of a team to bring a vision to life, ensuring there is accountability in every step of the process and that results are not only discussed but also achieved.


To create a video we need to understand the purpose and why. We must therefore, have listening hears to help discover what you are currently doing, what is the next move, and who your target audience is. From pre-production stage we will be able to identify the type of video that your campaign needs.



Whatever the discoveries we found will help us define new ways to realign with your mission and develop a specific custom video for you. We will map it out, create step-by-step appealing video concept for marketing needs.



Once there is assurance that you are on the same page with us, based on the video idea defined. This process may means coming up with a storyboard to explain the solution we are providing.



In this stage of the process, we will develop an engaging concept that encompasses your campaign message. Once we get clearance on the storyboard as a form of approval, we may go ahead to interpret first video draft for previews only.



From here onward things start getting real for our clients. We are now in the process of production, hiring and bringing on board the right set of professionals to work on the project with us. A workable time plan is map out and date set for the delivery of finished product.



We can only deliver to you when we are satisfied that you are delighted on the outcome of all the processes till this time of delivery. It is only then, we can be sure that you’ll recommend our services to your friends. Like they say, “One good turn deserve another”.

Why Choose Us?

We are surrounded by hundreds of other media companies. To us, it’s not just work, we take pride in the timeline and video we create for our clients.

Creativity is in-between, not within. To get the kind of attention needed for your idea, it has to be visually appealing and audible. This we must not do alone, but with your input at every step of our commission.

When you are paying for services that are so important to you, it is for your peace of mind. There is no end to any service given until you’re satisfied. We will be always there for you.

Every project needs a high level of attendant to make the process easier for all member of the team with conduct of monitoring and evaluation of projects to function well.

All layers on our timeline is a result of how we see every project that we handle. In order to give you our best, we must have known what to do, how to do and to apply certain process at every stage of the production.

We like to listen to our clients’ request and need to determine what to do in every brief  that we get. So, this has been helping us to come up with engaging audio-visual experience for the audience.

Our team of designers, illustrators, animators, photographers and the executives approach every project by connecting words and images with wit and clarity to communicate each client’s unique message to their targeted audience.

Some Numbers

Since 2003 till date, we have had the opportunities to:

Satisfied Clients
Projects Completed
Accolades Earned
Major Productions